CREA8T Barrel Aged Coffee Gift Set - Gourmet Organic Colombian Ground Coffee, Assorted Flavors: Smoked Scotch, Maple Bourbon, Cinnamon Whiskey, Butter Rum, Variety Pack, 4x4oz"

Bullet list

  • Exquisite Barrel Aging: Our unique Barrel Aged process offers a captivating fusion of flavors – Smoked Scotch, Maple Bourbon, Cinnamon Whiskey, Butter Rum.
  • Superior Organic Beans: Hand-selected Organic Colombian beans, ensuring top-tier quality and taste.
  • Ground to Perfection: Expertly ground for versatile brewing, delivering consistency and excellence in every cup.
  • Luxurious Gift Choice: The perfect indulgence for coffee lovers, elegantly packaged for an unforgettable gifting experience.
CREA8T brings a groundbreaking twist to coffee with its Barrel Aged Coffee Gift Set. Each variety, from the earthy Smoked Scotch to the rich Maple Bourbon, is a testament to our innovative spirit and dedication to quality. This gourmet organic Colombian ground coffee, aged in oak barrels, captures the essence of luxury in each sip. It’s not just coffee; it’s an experience, designed to intrigue and delight discerning palates.

Our Story

In a quaint town, a passionate coffee expert embarked on a quest to blend their love for coffee with the rich notes of whiskey. This journey led to CREA8T Barrel Aged Coffee – a harmonious blend that meets the desires of every coffee enthusiast seeking more than just a beverage, but an experience. Each flavor, from Smoked Scotch to Maple Bourbon, tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship, inviting you to partake in a journey of sensory delight
Cinnamon Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee - Spicy Organic Blend, Invigorating Flavor, 4oz

Experience the invigorating flavor of Cinnamon Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee. Aged in whiskey barrels with a hint of cinnamon, this coffee offers a unique, spicy twist. A perfect pick-me-up for those seeking an adventurous coffee experience.

Maple Bourbon Coffee
Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee - Sweet Organic Blend, Rich Aroma, 4oz

Indulge in the sweet, rich aroma of Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee. Our organic Colombian beans are aged to perfection, infusing them with a subtle, bourbon sweetness. Ideal for a cozy morning or a relaxing evening.

Butter Rum Barrel Aged Coffee - Smooth Organic Blend, Comforting Flavor, 4oz

Enjoy the comforting, smooth flavors of Butter Rum Barrel Aged Coffee. Our organic beans, aged in rum barrels, develop a rich, buttery profile, creating a delightful, soothing cup. It’s the perfect choice for a relaxing, flavorful coffee break

Smoked Scotch Barrel Aged Coffee - Gourmet Organic Colombian Beans, Deep and Smoky, 4oz

Savor the deep, smoky essence of our Smoked Scotch Barrel Aged Coffee. Each bean is meticulously aged in whiskey barrels, offering a bold, robust flavor that resonates with the sophisticated palate. Perfect for those who appreciate a strong, flavorful cup of coffee


CREA8T Barrel Aged Coffee Gift Set – Gourmet Organic Colombian, Medium-Dark Roast, Flavored Ground Coffee: Maple Bourbon, Cinnamon, Butter Rum, Whiskey Coffee Beans – 4x4oz

Bullet Points:

  1. Masterful Barrel Aging: Savor the artistry in our Barrel Aged Coffee, featuring a variety of unique coffee beans like Maple Bourbon and Cinnamon Coffee.
  2. Exceptional Organic Beans: Chosen from the best Colombian coffee whole bean sources, our beans are hand-selected for their superior quality coffee beans.
  3. Versatile Ground Coffee: Prepared for perfection, our ground coffee sampler and coffee tasting kit offer unparalleled brewing flexibility.
  4. Exquisite Gift Set: Packaged with care, our coffee sampler set is the ultimate present for those who treasure fancy coffee beans and exotic coffee experiences.
  5. Commitment to Excellence: We promise a transcendent coffee moment with every sip of our high-end coffee, from bourbon infused coffee beans to whiskey ground coffee.


Dive into the depths of flavor with CREA8T’s Gourmet Coffee Beans Sampler, a collection that brings bourbon coffee ground and whiskey infused coffee to life. Our medium-dark roast is a testament to the richness of bourbon barrel aged coffee, designed to please even the most discerning palate.

Our Story:

In a serene town, a visionary was inspired to blend the robust essence of whiskey with exquisite coffee, leading to the birth of CREA8T’s Barrel Aged Coffee. From Butter Rum Coffee to Smoked Scotch, our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of creating the best specialty coffee beans, merging tradition with a dash of innovation. This path has cultivated a unique experience, encapsulating the soul of artisan coffee and rare coffee into each package.

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